List of our Terms and Conditions

Our GDPR Notice in Connection with The Services we Provide

This privacy notice has been produced to help you understand how we obtain/store your personal information, how it will be used, who it might be shared with and how long it might be kept.  

The notice will also remind you of the rights you have under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Where the information is not necessary to deliver the services you require from us, it may be necessary for us to obtain your consent to either collect such information in the first place or use it for other purposes than you would legitimately expect. 

Below is a list of the Personal Information we may collect and how it will be used: 

1. With your consent, we may need to use your credit/debit card details for the purpose of receiving payment from you for our services or products. This information will be stored in a secure manner to ensure your Personal Data rights are not breached, until it is used for whichever service/product is required by you. After payment is received your details will immediately be erased/destroyed or disposed of in a secure manner. 

2. We will need to keep written and secure digital records of all payments made, lessons booked and lessons delivered for the purpose of maintaining accurate accounting records, as is legally required for 6 years. At that point the accounts records and any supporting personal information will be disposed of in a secure manner. This information will be held in our paper-based or digital diary, paper-based or digital Student Record System and on our accounting system. 

3. We will require your name, address, email address, telephone number(s), date of birth and provisional driving licence details for the purposes of: 

  • Providing our services as SRT Riding Instructors and to contact you with regards to your training.  
  • Booking either lessons or Tests on your behalf until such time as you have acquired your full Motorcycle Licence or no longer require lessons. 
  • Providing you with promotional offers in relation to our business, with your expressed permission, until you otherwise remove such consent. 
  • Maintaining accurate accounts records as is legally required for a period of 6 years (see point 2). 

4. We will hold records of your learning progress in our Student Record System and possibly in a secure digital form on our computer system. 

5. We will hold records of your test failures and passes noting where any faults occurred on your test report in our paper-based Student Record System so that we can monitor our own personal performance in this regard.  

6. With your consent, upon passing your test we would like to take a photograph of you for the purposes of promoting our services on various secure digital platforms and written media with your expressed permission until you otherwise remove such consent. Please note on social media we cannot prevent this photo from being shared or copied by others but SRT would quickly delete all copies on such platforms under our control if you so request. 

8. If you want to make a complaint about the way SRT have processed/used your personal information, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office ICO, as the statutory body in the UK which oversees data protection law, by visiting: 


Staffs Rider Training undertakes to complete CBT courses in one day.  However, this is dependent upon several factors.  Everyone learns at different rates and some students take longer to obtain the required skills that will allow them to obtain their CBT certificate in one day.  You may have to come back to complete the course another day, at an additional cost, if you are one of these students.  If you do not complete the course due to factors outside of your control, such as; weather, mechanical (SRT bike only), etc, there will be no additional costs and SRT will endeavour to accommodate your course completion at a time and date convenient to you. No refunds can be given.

Your trainer can stop your CBT course if your basic knowledge of The Highway Code and Traffic signs is not good enough for you to ride safely. You need to know:

  • The main rules that apply to moped & motorcycle riders
  • What other road users are likely to do

You can be charged again to retake the course if your trainer stops your training because you are not prepared.

If you provide your own vehicle, it must be taxed, insured and have a valid MOT (if applicable) and these documents must be produced on the day of training and the vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition.  Failure will result in the training being terminated and loss of deposits paid.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle provided by them is mechanically sound.  Should the vehicle fail during training, SRT reserve the right to terminate the training with the loss of the full fee.


These terms should be read and construed as forming an agreement between Staffs Rider Training (hereinafter referred to as ‘SRT’) in its capacity as Staffs Rider Training and the student:

  • All fees to be paid in advance of each course or lesson.
  • In the event of a mechanical breakdown or other cause, SRT reserves the right to rearrange or rebook any course at the earliest convenient time.
  • If the student fails to give sufficient notice cancelling any course, and SRT cannot substitute another student on that course, the student will be liable for the full course price.
  • SRT will decide on and run their courses, at ratios of Instructor:Student, at the discretion of SRT, the aptitude of the student and the guidelines set be the DVSA.
  • All payments are to be paid by Staffs Rider Training.
  • It is a condition of participating in any course that the student:
    • Is duly licenced to ride a motorcycle on the public highway in the UK
    • Uses a motorcycle which, if not provided by SRT, is one that is in sound mechanical order and in a roadworthy condition
    • Has arranged valid motorcycle insurance cover
    • Wears suitable protective clothing including a safety helmet which complies with UK legal requirements
  • If the student is unable to attend their course, cancels a course, or is unable to complete any course, for any reason whatsoever other than by a default on the part of SRT, he/she will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid in respect of the course.
  • SRT accepts no liability for any claim, loss, damage or expense arising from the Acts of Omissions of SRT and its employees or agents, except for SRT’s liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence by SRT, its employees and agents.
  • The student agrees to indemnify SRT against any claim, loss, damage or expense incurred by SRT, as a result of any breech of any of these terms and conditions by the student.