DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

Module 1

The Module one test is conducted on a large off-road manoeuvring area, and includes a series of eleven exercises to assess your machine handling abilities.

Our trainers will help you to acquire the skills necessary to achieve this test within your structured training sessions. As above, the amount of training will depend on your ability. We usually find students are test ready in 2 sessions of between 2 and 3 hours per session.

Your test will usually take place at the Burton Test Centre. The test is usually completed within 10 to 12 minutes.

You will normally be taken to Burton on the motorcycle you will be riding for test, and given additional training for Module 2 on the ride over. Occasionally we will take candidates in the van, with their bike (bad weather, or possibly pre test nerves!) or we can meet you at the test centre at the allotted time if you are unable to have additional time off on the day.

The test comprises of a series of manoeuvres which are outlined and demonstrated in the video.

Module 2

This is the practical on road test and it will consist of an eye sight check, some motorcycle safety and balance questions, and your 35- 40 minute road ride, where you will be followed by an examiner who is in radio contact with you to provide direction information.

You will be asked to ride on a selection of roads in differing traffic conditions. While on the road you will be asked to select safe and convenient places for normal stops, assessed on moving away safely this could be on a gradient and from behind a parked vehicle. You will also be asked to ride independently following signs for certain places until further notice.

You will be given instruction on all the aspects of riding which you will be required to demonstrate on your test. Most problems during tests are the result of incorrect procedures at junctions and roundabouts, or not applying the Highway Code properly. This part of the learning is really down to you so make sure you are fully prepared and up to speed with all aspects of the Highway Code.